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Thick and creamy, filled with nourishments. It makes your skin flexible and smooth and shows anti-aging, deeply moisturising and anti-inflammatory functions. Perfect night cream for everybody, and a day cream for dry skin.


Revives, moisturises, soothes face skin. Reduces small wrinkles, lines and irregularities.

Volume: 50ml

More details

Nourishing cream is enriched with ingredients that regenerate epidermis, perfectly nourishes the skin and smoothes wrinkles. It contains cyanobacteria extract that acts as a natural retinoid, smoothes and thickens the skin. The anti-aging property of cyanobacteria is complemented by other effective concentrates: Brazilian nut oil, apricot kernel oil and tomato extract rich in lycopene. All together they provide vitamins, aminoacids and substances responsible for firm and fresh-looking skin. The formula is complemented with moisturising ingredients: hyaluronic acid, AquaxtremTM and cold pressed oils. Additionally, pumpkin seed extract soothes irritation and calms sensitive skin. It is a perfect balm for your skin.
Suitable for all skin types. In case of an oily skin it is recommended as a night cream, in case of a dry skin and a combination skin use it as a day cream if you need intensive nourishing.
Algae extract, Brazil nut extract, Shea butter, Cucurbitine – pumpkin seeds extract, cumaru oil, manuka oil, apricot kernel oil, AquaxtremTM – a rhubarb root extract
Apply a small amount of the cream on cleansed face, neck and décolleté and rub gently in. Use as a day and night cream.



I am supremely delighted! As a horrible allergic and the owner of a sensitive skin I was trying to find a perfect face cream for a long time. I tried drugstore and pharmacy cosmetics in practically every price level. I hit upon Resibo by chance and by instinct I bought it at once. And here I go – I received a cosmetic that most of all is ultra-soft and mild. It doesn’t harm my skin. On contrary, it caresses my skin with how it acts on it, with its texture and the scent. It’s perfectly in the winter, even in the great cold. Extra plus for the design, of course, and for the reasonable environmental attitude of the company. I am finishing the firs tube and ordering the next one. And I don’t shoot for falling out of love! :)

Małgorzata K

Love ;)

I am just about to finisz 2nd package and the 3rd is waiting in line ;)
I won’t swap it to anything else!

Anna G