About the brand

The Resibo philosophy is based on striving for balance. Our products combine nature’s best with the most current advancements using new technologies. We use eco-friendly packaging for all of our products. Resibo also combines effectiveness with safety. That is why you will find ingredients in our products which are highly effective and at the same time safe even for the most sensitive skin type.


While creating our product line, we focused on extensive microbiologic research using methods developed by Cosmetics Europe -The Personal Care Association, along with Jadassohn-Bloch patch tests which showed no sign of allergic reaction or any skin irritation among 100% of tested persons. In striving for balance, Resibo cosmetics are a combination of innovation and ecology. For several years we have focused our efforts on providing our customers with unique highly advanced products, which are also fully eco-friendly. At every stage of our product lifecycle, from manufacturing to everyday use, we care for preserving the natural balance of the surrounding environment.
Ewelina Kwit-Betlej

Working area

The first set of Resibo cosmetics comprises of eighten products for facial skin care which were released to the market after three years of research and testing. Today our products are used widely all around the world, including such countries as Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Japan and Poland. The large number of satisfied customers is the best evidence of the highest quality of our products.

We are a Polish manufacturer of natural cosmetics. Organic cosmetics - natural and healthy cosmetics, including face cream, moisturizer, etc. The best natural cosmetics at affordable prices.