Regenerating body scrub. Lotus effect

Natural percentage : 98,1%

Effective exfoliation and intensive regeneration after a single application. The scrub instantly makes even very tired and dry skin smooth, soft, thoroughly moisturised and firm. Calloused layer of the epidermis disappears and carefully selected active ingredients instantly stimulate skin to produce new, healthy cells.

Capacity: 300 g
Active Ingredients:
Lotusense, vitamin E , sesame seed oil, avocado oil

Salt & Sugar

two different types of particles

The combination of two types of exfoliating particles - Dead Sea salt and sugar - means that the scrub is gentler on the skin than salt scrubs and more intense than those with sugar. Its pleasant texture allows for perfect application onto your body. A single use is enough to effectively exfoliate and intensively regenerate the skin.



Nelumbo nucifera (lotus nut) flower extract produces the so-called lotus effect, which is associated with incredible and absolute purity. Lotusense immunizes the skin and prevents transepidermal water loss, while giving a sensation of skin purity.

Citrus notes.          

with a pinch of sweetness

The fresh and invigorating fragrance will make the application truly delightful and allow you to create an atmosphere like that of a home spa. Orange, mandarin, lemon and bergamot notes are complemented by the sweetness of vanilla and the cinnamon spice aroma.