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Provide your skin with clear nourishment and firmness. Beauty Box Younger Skin will help you with that. Use a naturally smoothing serum and nourishing cream to enjoy a youthful and radiant skin.

About the product

Beauty Box Younger Skin contains a naturally smoothing serum and a nourishing cream.

1) Smoothing Face Serum
The serum contains plenty od active ingredient that aim smoothing, tightening and improving skin flexibility, but also ingredients beneficial for problematic skin- acne skin or skin prone to discoloration. The pro-ingredient is stoechiol- an extract of butterfly lavender, that acts like a natural botulinum after 24 hours- reduces muscle tension and stimulates beta-endorphin release in your skin, which makes it relaxed and smooth.
5 ml

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2) Nourishing Cream
A combination of norishing, deeply moisturising and anti-aging ingredients and powerful vitamins and minerals, Your skin quickly regains the correct moisture level and becomes firmer. Small wrinkles disappear and the deeper ones are less visible. A perfect night cream for everyone but also makes a perfect day cream for dry skin.
50 ml

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Who is it for
For all skin types, also for people struggling with skin problems and who want to restore the skin to a younger and fresh look in a natural way.
How to use
Smoothing Face Serum
Aply 3-4 droplets of the serum on cleansed face, neck and decollete and gently pat with your fingertips. You are free to use it together with your favourite face cream

Nourishing Cream
Apply a small amount of the cream on cleansed face, neck and decollete and rub gently. Use as a day and night cream.