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In the set you will find the Specialist Firming Body Lotion and the Resibo body brush. These products complete each other and have a mutual goal – active exfoliating, firming and making the body look slender. What’s more, dry massage works miracles for general mood and body condition.

About the products

The set consists of Specialist Firming Body Lotion and a dry massage brush.

Step 1. Specialist Firming Body Lotion

Specialist body lotion has anti-cellulite and slimming properties and supports modelling of silhouette. An extract of a single cell alga Tisochrysis lutea transforms fat cells into fat-fighting cells and accelerates thermogenesis, and on the other hand, its xanthophylls support natural abilities of skin renewal. Chia seeds oil is full of nutrients and has enormous moisturising and protecting properties - absorbs easily into skin, moisturises, smooths and enhances its flexibility. It also supports lipid barrier and boosts abilities of regeneration, as well as protection from sunrays. It has also antioxidant functions. Mango butter intensively nourishes and moisturises skin, relieves irritations, regenerates skin and restores its flexibility. It is the best anti-cellulite lotion, reducing it and improving silhouette. Add some physical activity and enjoy spectacular effects. The lotion works great for abdomen, bottom and thighs and its effectiveness has been confirmed by 84% of users. It is also just a very good body lotion, beautifully nourishing, moisturising and caring for your skin.
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Step 2. Massage brush

Resibo body brush has an ergonomic, oval shape and exceptionally hard bristles made of sisal. Dry massage with a brush is the most effective when the bristles are hard. Brush your body regularly and you’ll see a considerable difference in your body appearance and mood, as brushing has a strong influence on lymph vessels. Your skin will look younger, its colour will become even, and cellulite will be reduced. Such massages unblock energy flow in the body, thus stimulating performance of internal organs. The result is a protection from chronic fatigue and even depression. Removal of dead epidermis supports natural regeneration mechanisms, and skin quickly and deeply absorbs active substances of body balms and lotions. Brush massage unclogs pores, so skin breaths easily and is more oxygenated, looks younger and radiant, and is firm and smooth.
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Who is it for?
For everybody – if you need strong firming treatment, or just want to prevent your body from losing its firmness. Body brushing is also recommended when you suffer from ingrown hairs after depilation. On the other hand, Specialist Firming Body Lotion is just invaluable in terms of fighting cellulite. They mutually reinforce their performance.
How to use

Specialist Firming Body Lotion

Rub intensively a small amount of the balm into problematic body parts after each shower. To obtain desired effects, the lotion should be used regularly.Works well for body wrapping.

Massage brush

Massage your whole body with a dry brush, going upwards, to stimulate better work of lymph vessels. Focus on problematic areas, like thighs, buttocks and belly, but be gentle while massaging your belly and other sensitive areas. Have a shower, dry your skin with a towel and apply Specialist Firming Body Lotion. Enjoy healthy, firm and flexible skin. Remember to wash the bristles with warm water, to regularly get rid of the dead epidermis removed from your skin. Next leave it to dry in an airy place.