Re.power your beauty


 Beauty Box Self Care is a complete home SPA, closed in an elegant box, great for a gift for somebody or for you. Contains everything to turn your bathroom into your personal SPA.

About the products

The set consists of Specialist Firming Body Lotion and a dry massage brush.

Step 1. Scented candle MAGIC

An ecologic, wooden scented candle, handmade of soy wax. The wooden wick burns beautifully without smoking and the candle itself can be used for a long time. Patchouli and rose tree is a simply magical composition of smells, mutually emphasizing each other’s strength and uniqueness, to create a composition of a truly magical aroma.
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Step 2. The headband

An elegant Resibo headband will protect your hair during everyday care routine. Make-up removal, washing your face, exfoliating or other beauty treatment taking place in your home SPA will never be the same again. No more soil or accidental damping of your hair and unwished strands of hair sticking to your skin. The headband is made of a soft, white microfibre textile with a hook-and-loop strap closure will make your care routine even more pleasant.
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Step 3. Multifunctional Face Exfoliating Mask

A multifunctional exfoliator of enzymatic and mechanic features. Deeply but gently exfoliates your skin. Your ally in fighting imperfections and skin aging. Gently removes dead epidermis, nourishes, moisturises and illuminates the skin. Smooths wrinkles. The skin will be healthier and more radiant day by day. Perfect for every skin type. Absorbs excessive sebum, improving skin colour and relieving irritations.
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Step 4. Instant Beauty Mask

Instantly regenerating, firming and fulling face mask. Gives an instant effect of firming and filling and visibly reduces wrinkles. Skin regains healthy colour and glow, is radiant and looks younger. The mask has anti-aging and regenerating features. Intensively moisturises and nourishes skin, protecting it from water loss.
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Who is it for?
For everyone fond of rituals, candlelight and efficient home SPA.
How to use

Scented candle MAGIC

Here’s a few hints that will help you benefit from all the advantages of the candle and enjoy it as long as possible:

  1. When you light the candle for the first time, let the melted wax reach the edges of the candle (minimum one hour).
  2. This will prevent the funnel from occurring and the wick from being covered with wax later.
  3. The wick is wooden, which means the temperature of burning is lower than in case of traditional cotton wicks – the candle does not smoke, burns for long, the aroma spreads better in the air and the flame is very impressive.
  4. Before you light the candle again, remember to  gently  remove the burnt piece of the wick, to enjoy a clean and stable flame.
  5. Bear  in mind your own safety – before leaving the room for a longer time, make sure to put out the candle.

The headband

Use it whenever you need and just as you like. It is very useful in a bathroom, but also when you want to protect your hair or just tame and keep their out of your forehead.

Multifunctional Face Exfoliating Mask

In case of sensitive or capillary skin – apply a small amount of the mask on cleansed face and leave for 5-10 minutes. Do not rub, let the enzymes do the job. If you have a normal skin – rub your face gently with the mask, avoiding the eye area. Leave for 10-15 minutes to let the enzymes, nutrients, and moisturising and anti-aging substances work. Next, rinse with warm water. Use the mask 2-3 times a week. After application, clean your face with a tonic and apply a cream and a serum – their ingredients will have double strength if you prepare your skin this way. Please remember, the mask has an effective enzymatic function as well. That’s why the exfoliated skin can be slightly redden and even a bit irritated. It is a totally normal and a short-term reaction to enzymes and will disappear in a moment. The longer you use the mask, the sooner your skin will get used to it and the discomfort will disappear.