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The set consists of Natural Face Washing Gel with Peach Extract that cleanses skin gently but effectively; Illuminating Cream, that moisturises and provides a beautiful and natural glow effect; and an elegant, comfortable microfibre headband.

About the products

The set consists of Natural Face Washing Gel with Peach Extract, Illuminating Cream and a headband to protect your hair during skincare rituals.

Step 1. The headband

An elegant Resibo headband will protect your hair during everyday care routine. Make-up removal, washing your face, exfoliating or other beauty treatment taking place in your home SPA will never be the same again. No more soil or accidental damping of your hair and unwished strands of hair sticking to your skin. The headband is made of a soft, white microfibre textile with a hook-and-loop strap closure will make your care routine even more pleasant.
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Step 2. Natural Washing Gel

Gently and efficiently washes all impurities and make-up, without drying your skin and leaving it slightly moisturised. Natural Washing Gel is a perfect composition of washing, cleansing and soothing ingredients. Can be used alone, but works perfectly as the second stage of multi-stage skin cleansing routine.
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Step 3. Illuminating Cream

Provides your skin with an effect of natural glow. The particles of warm and cool tones contained in the cream match to every skin colour, and illuminated skin looks healthier and younger. Two kinds of finely ground mica in warm and cool tones create a subtle layer on skin surface. Works well with other creams, perfectly accentuates make-up and facial features. A perfect way to emphasize natural complexion or suntan and to illuminate some chosen areas of your face.
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 Who is it for?
For everyone who wants to enjoy some natural and healthy glow. The set is a great gift – for somebody or for yourself. Because it’s good to pamper yourself!
How to use

The headband

Use it whenever you need and just as you like. It is very useful in a bathroom, but also when you want to protect your hair or just tame and keep their out of your forehead.

Natural Washing Gel

Squeeze a small amount of the gel on palms of your hands, apply to your face and massage gently for a while to dissolve all impurities. Do not be afraid to wash your eye makeup. The gel is so gentle that it will not irritate even open eyes. Rinse with warm water. Remember to use a toner afterwards!

Illuminating Cream

Wait until your day cream absorbs into your skin and then apply the illuminating cream. To illuminate your whole face, spread a small amount of the cream on your skin and pat gently with your fingertips. To emphasize only some areas, apply a tiny amount of the cream to your cheekbones, a forehead, a tip of your nose or other preferred parts.