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Beautiful skin starts right here. A thorough, multi-step cleansing with natural, delicate cosmetics is a base of proper skincare.

Step 1: Cleansing Oil
Apply the oil on dry face, including eyelids, and gently massage with circular moves to dissolve make-up and impurities gathered during the day. Soak the included cloth in warm water and delicately touch your skin with it, trying not to pull or rub skin. After cleansing your face, wash the cloth in warm water with gentle soap and hang it to dry.
Step 2: Natural Face Washing Gel with Peach Extract
Squeeze a small (no more than 1 cm diameter) droplet of the gel on a wet hand, spread in hands and apply to wet face. Water with gel creates a gentle, soft foam that effectively removes all remaining impurities. Massage your skin with circular moves. You can safely wash your eves with it – does not irritate them and is very gentle. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel.
Step 3: Toner. A Moisturising Essence
Spray the toner on your hands, spread and apply on your face, gently pressing, as if you want to pump the product into your skin. That will help active substances from the following cosmetics to absorb deeper into your skin.
About the products

The Cleansing Oil

is a perfectly balanced composition of oils that effectively cleanse skin and care for it, providing it with nutrients, protective and regenerating ingredients.
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Natural Face Washing Gel with Peach Extract

contains gentle substances of plant origin, like coconut, and surfactants effectively removing impurities, without affective skin lipid barrier.
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Toner. Moisturizing Essence

Restores the natural pH of skin. Enhances permeating of ingredients contained in other cosmetics into skin.
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