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The ritual aiming at taking care of your body. It will make skin of your whole body firmer and deeply nourished, even the problematic areas.

Step 1: Body brush
Brush your whole body with a dry brush, starting from feet and going towards your heart. A few minutes is enough to smoothen skin and stimulate better work of lymph vessels, in order to improve absorption of nutrients from body balms.
Step 2: Have a shower to clean your skin after brushing
Preferably, a shower stimulates blood circulation (dousing with alternative cold and hot water). The exfoliated epidermis and impurities are rinsed off with water.
Step 3: Specialist Slimming Body Balm
Rub intensively a small amount of the balm into problematic body parts; a short massage is fine, too. To obtain desired effects, the lotion should be used regularly.
 Step 4: Nourishing Body Balm
Apply a small amount of the balm to cleansed and dry body and massage with gentle circular motions. Use always after bathing.
About the products

Resibo body brush

made with bristles of sisal is a great complement to intensive firming treatment. See also the brush in a set with Specialist Firming Body Lotion
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Specialist Firming Body Lotion

is an everyday portion of anti-oxidants for your skin. Energises, moisturises and smooths your skin. Prevents from sebum oxidation, which is one of the causes of imperfections.
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Nourishing Body Balm

nourishes, regenerates and rebuilds skin cells’ structure. Leaves it deeply moisturised and smooth.
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