Yes Eye Care revitalizing eye cream

Natural percentage : 98,7%

Effectively moisturises, regenerates and shallows wrinkles, increasing volume of fat cells. Enhances blood microcirculation around eyes effectively reducing dark circles and swelling. 20 active substances ensure the right moisture. If applied regularly, it will soon restore comfort of your gaze.

Capacity: 15 ml
Active Ingredients:
Redens’in, Aquaxtrem™, caffeine, goldenrod exctract

Intensively moisturizes.

and regenerates

An effective solution for the most demanding eye area. This cream contains as many as 20 active ingredients, providing intensive hydration. The ingredients include argan oil, sesame oil and rhubarb root extract (Aquaxtrem™) to prevent transepidermal water loss and retain water in the skin.



Extremely effective combination of Indian Commiphora Makul tree resin extract and hyaluronic acid. Smoothes and replenishes wrinkles from within. Improves the appearance and elasticity of the skin in the eye area. The result is firmer, smoother and more radiant skin.

A well-rested and radiant.


The multi-action, lightweight texture and very delicate fragrance will make this cream your favorite companion for the evening skin care routine. Apply systematically every night and enjoy a well-rested look in the morning.