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Effectiveness is our middle name. We only market products with which we are 100% satisfied. We also want you to find joy in your care. So that it is a long-awaited moment of affection just for you. Enjoy it.


You love Resibo and we can prove it

Love Cosmetics Awards 2020
Laureat Glammies 2019
Love Cosmetics Awards 2019
Perła rynku kosmetycznego 2018
Glammies 2018
Instyle Best Beauty Buys 2017
Highest Quality 2016
Care is our nature

Care is
our nature

We love nature - we create vegan cosmetics for a reason. We do not test them on animals. We select raw materials that are safe for the environment to obtain. This is confirmed by the Vegan and PETA Cruelty-Free & Vegan certificates, which you can find on our packaging. We also try to produce less plastic and paper. We use glass and aluminum more and more often. We use HDPE and PCR plastics - materials that can be recycled. Within 10 years, we will reduce the consumption of plastic by nearly 20 tons and by the same amount of paper.

One packaging story

One packaging

What if we introduced a bit of art to the world of cosmetics? We did it! Each packaging tells an individual story. Designer illustrations emphasize the uniqueness of the products. They emphasize their effectiveness and effects. Eye, face, mouth - an artistic line will tell you which specific product is dedicated to which part of the body. It will also tell you how effectively it works on the skin. We introduce series of products, where each of them can be recognized by a dedicated color. All this so that you can easily find your favorite product.


You love Resibo and we can prove it

Cruelty free and Vegan
GMP Quality
Cruelty free and Vegan

Resibo - Polish natural cosmetics

The Resibo brand was founded on the idea of closeness to nature. Caring for the environment- even through the smalles actions that may contribute to its protection- is extremely important to us. We pay attention to the safe way of obtaining raw materials. Resibo cosmteics are not tested on animals and do not contain zoonotic ingredients. The packaging of our products is created in the spirit of less waste- it allows for recycling. Discover our polish natural cosmetics and enter the wrold of conscious and effective care!