Skin Mood Booster rejuvenating essence

Natural percentage : 97,2%

An everyday portion of anti-oxidants for your skin. The perfect start every morning. Delays aging process and restores skin vitality. The difference in moisture level and tightness of your skin is noticeable just after the first application. Thanks to the essence, your face will be radiant and visibly relaxed.

Capacity: 50 ml
Active Ingredients:
vitamin C, Early Boost PA, marula oil, apricot kernel oil

True power.

of antioxidants

The essence contains ingredients responsible for anti-aging effects, including tomato extract, marula oil, and vitamin E. This effect is enhanced by vitamin C in its most effective and stable form. It has a multifunctional effect on the skin: it stimulates cells to produce collagen while firming and thickening the skin, it smoothes fine wrinkles, lightens discolorations, brightens the skin, and evens out its color - making it look younger and more rested.


Early Boost PA

It is an active ingredient based on plant taurine obtained from the red algae Jania Rubens. It restores skin vitality, supports the balance of cells susceptible to stress, and helps maintain the structure and permeability of the cell membrane. You will notice its energizing effect after the very first use.

Vitamin cocktail.

for your skin

Give your skin a cocktail of the most stable form of vitamin C and plant taurine and restore skin vitality. The essence is perfect in the morning, even after a too-short night - it will add energy to your skin and brighten it. It absorbs quickly, so after a while, you can apply your favorite cream or apply make-up.