Peace Maker calming & repairing light lotion

Natural percentage : 97,2%

A combination of regenerating ceramides and deeply moisturising and soothing substances. An instant rescue for dry and irritated skin. An instant relief and completion of natural hydro-lipid layer of skin.

Capacity: 50 ml
Active Ingredients:
niacinamide, DEFENSIL®SOFT, CeraFluid, Acticire, Fucocert

Soothing. Balance. 

regeneration. moisturizing.

The fragrance-free lotion combines regenerating properties of ceramides with moisturizing and soothing substances. Soothes and regenerates damaged epidermis. Brightens discolourations, relieves irritations, and balances performance of sebaceous glands. Deeply moisturises and prevents from transepidermal water loss.



An extract of edible fungi Albatrellus ovinus is a soothing balm for your skin. Instantly calms down stressed and irritated skin, thanks to a unique ability to block pain receptor TRPV1, responsible for sensations of burning, stinging and tingling.

A perfect duo. 

with Game Changer cream

Peace Maker completes an evening treatment with our natural cream with retinol Game Changer. Use depending on your skin type. Dry, normal and oily skin: apply the lotion when retinol cream absorbs into skin. Sensitive skin: use the lotion first and then apply the cream. In the morning use the lotion again.