Hands 2.0 superior hand renewal cream with vit C & SPF 30


Care for your hands like never before - at the highest level. The cream protects hands against solar radiation, having the greatest impact on premature aging, as well as against wind and cold. It smoothes, brightens discolorations, and moisturizes. After 30 minutes from application, the degree of hydration increases by 3.6%, and after 4 hours by 8%. After 14 days, as many as 72% of the respondents noticed that the skin of the hands was brighter and discoloration decreased. It contains strong antioxidants: vitamin C in the most stable form, vitamin E, and rosemary CO2 extract. Used regularly, the skin of the hands looks much better and stays healthy for longer.

Capacity: 30 ml
Active Ingredients:
kukui oil, vitamin E , Vitamin C Tetra E, rosemary CO2 extract

Catch the rays.

In your divine hands  

Our hands give away our age. Like the face, they are almost constantly exposed to solar radiation. Make sure your hands don't reveal your age.
Discover the new quality of care that fights on several fronts to keep your hands looking young for as long as possible. Sun protection, anti-oxidation, hydration, regeneration, and smoothing - this is how our solar god works.



The three-dimensional colloidal matrix provides the stratum corneum with an immediate and gradually increasing hydration improvement. After 30 minutes from application, the degree of hydration increases by 3.6%, and after 4 hours by 8%. This extract also protects against the harmful effects of external factors, prevents the flaking of skin cells, and improves their compactness. The skin becomes smooth, elastic, and soft. Divinely!  

Shed a new light.

on beautiful hands

Discover how easy it is to improve the look of your hands, regardless of age. Join the group of people who have experienced the pleasure of the application and the effectiveness of Hands 2.0. The numbers speak for themselves.

In just two weeks, 100% of testers aged 20 to 60 noticed an improvement in the look of their hands, while feeling that the skin was moisturized, soft, and renewed. Importantly, all respondents confirm that the cream does not whiten and it spreads easily.