Rich Peach natural face washing gel

Natural percentage : 98,4%

Gentle but effective, natural face washing gel is a perfect composition of ingredients, cleanses and removes impurities without affecting natural lipid barrier of your skin, leaving it moisturised and soothed.

Capacity: 125 ml
Active Ingredients:
peach extract, plant betaine , oat extract

Solo or as a second step.

as you prefer

It is said that there is no beautiful skin without proper cleansing. We fully endorse it! And Rich Peach is a dream companion for mornings and evenings. It cleans the skin perfectly, foams well, and smells fantastic.
It's up to you how you use the gel. One thing's for sure - you'll quickly love this perfect way to start and end your day.


peach extract

Imagine juicy and fleshy peaches. These form the extract, which makes the gel even more gentle. Rich in fruit acids, sugars, polysaccharides, vitamins A, B1, B2, PP, and mineral salts. Thanks to them, it strongly moisturizes and nourishes. It also perfectly tones and softens the skin, and also improves its color.

Resibo bestseller.

in the new version

Now in a new, more peachy version and fresh graphic design. Take it easy, the formula and quality remain the same.
We care about the environment, that's why we closed Rich Peach in a PCR tube. This material is made from the processing of household waste.