Mastertouch beauty balm

Natural percentage : 98,5%

This balm will leave your skin illuminated with a healthy glow. Improve skin’s appearance with a single swipe of your hand. Your skin will glow beautifully in any light and be photoshoot-ready in an instant.

Capacity: 100 ml
Active Ingredients:
plant squalane, kale leaf extract, grapeseed oil


with natural beauty

Illuminated and healthy skin, just like after the most effective cosmetic treatment. A mixture of different tones of illuminating particles make a glowy surface on your skin, regardless of its colour. The balm is light, improves skin colour and level of moisture. Skin is smoother and soft to the touch and glistens beautifully in every light. Another advantage is refreshing but very subtle scent of pineapple.


kale extract

This amazing ingredient has beneficial and nourishing properties. Kale is a well-known superfood and also its leaves extract is rich in nutrients and shows instant antioxidant effect. It improves natural resistance to stress and thus gives your skin an even, healthy and radiant look.


professional hints and enjoy the long lasting effect

Change the look of your skin with just a single stroke of your hand. Having applied the balm, it is recommended to wait about 10 minutes to let it absorb well, in order to prolong its effect. Your body will glisten in each light and look stunning in photos. Use it to darken your skin tone or to emphasize your pretty tan. If you have fair skin or prefer a more subtle look, you can graduate the effect by mixing the balm with your favourite face cream or body lotion.