Work Work Work specialist firming body lotion

Natural percentage : 98,4%

This lotion is a product for special tasks! It helps to slim the silhouette and get rid of cellulite. Tisochrysis lutea single-cell algae extract will be your ally in the fight against fat. To put it simply: it is a firming lotion not just by name. It effectively reduces the cellulite visibility, increases skin firmness and tones it. Additionally, it strongly moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Capacity: 200 ml
Active Ingredients:
Lipout™, mango butter, Abyssinian oil, macadamia oil

An ally in the fight against fat.

slims the figure. reduces cellulite

Work Work Work is a specialist firming balm, thanks to which your skin becomes elastic, nourished and intensely moisturized.

The balm easily penetrates deep into the skin, this way it helps to replenish lost lipids and supports natural protective and regenerative abilities, as well as reduces the visibility of cellulite.

The effectiveness of this unique product was confirmed by 84% of respondents.


unicellular algae extract

Lipout transforms adipose fat-storing tissue into fat-burning tissue, accelerates the thermogenesis process in the cells, increases skin elasticity and firmness, and has anti-cellulite properties.

The Tisochrysis lutea extract makes the silhouette slimmer and the skin becomes more firm and elastic.

The perfect combination.

with a body brush

For amazing results, do a body dry brushing first, then massage in the Work Work Work lotion. Our body brush is made of Caribbean agave fibers, thanks to which care is even more effective and the skin looks younger and radiant after using it.

The tube of lotion is completely recycled. It was made of PCR material - a material that is created from the processing of household waste. After the product is used up, its packaging can be recycled again.