Glossom rich oil mask for hair

Natural percentage : 97,9%

Shiny, smooth and bouncy - you will be impressed with how healthy your hair looks after oiling. Oils complex, including hemp and argan oils, intensely moisturizes and regenerates. Lucerne extract, rich in vitamins and minerals, strengthens the hair. The ends are smooth and secured against splitting, and you can easily comb each strand. 

Capacity: 100 ml
Active Ingredients:
oils: hemp, cottonseed, pumpkin seed, argan, grape, sunflower, lucerne extract


confirmed by research 

We checked how the oil mask works on different hair types. We conducted a 6-week study. The testers confirm: 

  • 95% say their hair is moisturized and easier to comb.
  • 95% notice a better look and condition of their hair.
  • 80% believe that the hair is regenerated and stronger.
  • 95% want to use the mask consistently. 


hemp oil 

Your hair will come to life thanks to the amazing properties of hemp oil. You will quickly appreciate that the mask is incredibly efficient – a really small amount is enough to cover the entire hair. Plus this pleasant scent. Hair oiling will become your favorite hair care step. 

Rich diet. 

for your hair 

Argan oil is vegetable gold for your hair. This ingredient is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E, polyphenols, carotenoids, and phytosterols. As a result, it regenerates, strengthens, and moisturizes the hair and gives it a healthy shine.