Hello New One! hair growth serum

Natural percentage : 98,6%

Say hello to a head full of new hair! The rub-in accelerates its growth, strengthens it from the very roots and limits its loss. The ones responsible for the visible effects are baicalin and caffeine, which additionally stimulates microcirculation and reduces the secretion of sebum. Lilac stem cells restore shine to the hair and soothe the scalp. You will quickly notice the first results - your hair will be stronger and thicker! 

Capacity: 90 ml
Active Ingredients:
caffeine, HairGrow Mix, baicalin, lilac stem cells


confirmed by research 

We subjected the rub-in to thorough research. After 6 weeks of regular use, testers confirm the effectiveness of Hello New One!

  • 100% say that the rub-in moisturizes the scalp.
  • 95% confirm that the rub-in reduces excessive hair loss.
  • 95% notice that the rub-in accelerates hair growth.
  • 85% believe that after applying the rub-in the hair grows stronger and thicker.



Appreciated and used especially in hair care cosmetics. It not only prevents hair loss but also stimulates the growth of new hair and improves its condition. What is important, it activates and stimulates stem cells, delaying their aging processes. 

Solid dose of caffeine. 

for faster growth 

Caffeine stimulates blood microcirculation in the scalp, thus actively stimulating hair growth. It regulates the secretion of sebum, regenerates dry skin, and is also a natural antioxidant. 
Feel free to use the rub-in in the morning after washing your hair - it is very light and does not weigh the hair down. Quite the opposite – it bounces the hair off the roots.