Lip Lip Hooray! soothing lip balm sweet mango

Natural percentage : 99%

Well-cared, healthy and juicy lips. Lip lip hooray! Increases moisture level and intensively firms your lips. Has a real balm effect – soothes cracked skin, relieves irritations and prevents dry flakes. Provides effective protection throughout the day and intensive regeneration at night.

Capacity: 7 ml
Active Ingredients:
Abyssinian oil, LIPerfection, Orange Peel Wax 

The same formula. 

in a more convenient package

Did you miss it?
We missed it sooooo much!
Our iconic Soothing Lip Balm is finally back. A bit refreshed version in a gorgeous, environment-friendly package, designed for even easier application. A rich composition of natural ingredients and caring effect haven’t changed a bit. The balm increases moisture level and intensively firms your lips. Brings relief to cracked skin and prevents its flaking.


an extract of yellow mustard germs 

LIPerfection contains myrosinase, an enzyme responsible for the bitter taste of yellow mustard, that activates sinalbin that increases blood flow in skin and mucous membranes. The result are smoother, moisturised, and significantly suppler lips.

Always on your lips.

and always at hand.

It is love at first application. You won’t be able to part with it. Have it always withing reach. In your purse, in your pocket, on your desk at work. Perfect for everybody, especially if your lips are prone to chapping, drying and flaking.