Instant Barrier hydrolipid barrier regenerating cream

Natural percentage : 96%

Hydrated and regenerated skin with a strengthened hydrolipid barrier. A cocktail of ceramides, prebiotics, vitamins, and panthenol combined with the active Hydroviton® PLUS complex accelerates renewal and embraces the skin with a rich yet quickly absorbing formula. It prevents irritations and eliminates existing ones. It soothes redness. It perfectly complements the care routine with retinoids and acids. 

Capacity: 50 ml
Active Ingredients:
panthenol, ceramide NP (III), prebiotics, Hydroviton® PLUS complex, vitamins E and F

Wrap your skin. 

with a regenerating coat 

Ceramides, lipids, and prebiotics are bricks that effectively complement the hydrolipid barrier. Wrap your skin with them and feel them combined with vitamins, panthenol, allantoin, and the Hydroviton® PLUS complex moisturize and regenerate all types of skin. The rich, but light and quickly absorbing formula soothes irritations and gently reduces redness. 


Hydroviton® PLUS 

An intelligent blend of biomimetic moisturizing substances and sugars enclosed in small, hygroscopic particles that penetrate the skin and restore NMF (natural moisturizing factor). Feel the immediate, long-lasting moisturizing effect and deep skin hydration. 

Complementary cream. 

which complements your care 

You can use Instant Barrier whenever you want. It works great as an evening occlusive cream. Recommended especially during retinoids or acids treatment. It perfectly supports the skin after cosmetological procedures, ensuring its proper regeneration. You can also reach for it in the morning - it gives a satin finish, so it is suitable as a make-up base.