Have Some Tan light to medium self-tanning toner

Natural percentage : 98,7%

A bit of sun on your skin every day. Healthy, radiant and naturally tanned skin without streaks and discolouration, but with a magnificent glow effect.

Capacity: 100 ml
Active Ingredients:
Vegetan® FL, plant dihydroxyacetone

A touch of sun. 

on your skin every day

An effect of pretty, healthy tan in a natural, safe and skin-friendly way. A carefully composed natural ingredient provide an effect of a sun-kissed skin in just a few hours and without exposition to sunrays. The self-tanning toner is light and moisturising and makes a perfect alternative to creams and lotions providing the suntan effect. Perfect for every skin type.


Vegetan® FL

This certified ingredient is a plant DHA (dihydroxyacetone), based on wheat, corn and beetroot. It reacts with stratum corneum which creates brown melanoidins, and as a result your skin obtains a gentle effect of a suntan. It is totally safe and gentle for your skin and the tan disappears just the same way as suntan

No streaks and discolourations.

with a stunning glow effect

Spread the tonner thoroughly in your hands and evenly massage into your face, neck and neckline. You can use it in the morning, but also in the evening, to wake up the next day with a tan on your skin. Remember to wash your hands well with soapy water after each application. Once opened, store in a fridge.