Have Some Tan medium to dark self-tanning toner

Natural percentage : 98,7%

A golden brown on your skin every day. A healthy, natural, and safe tan after just a few hours. No smudges or discoloration, but with a beautiful glow effect. It not only gradually builds the tan, but also tones, moisturizes, firms, and soothes. It works perfectly with all skin types. The medium to dark shade will enchant people who expect a stronger effect after the very first use. 

Capacity: 100 ml
Active Ingredients:
turmeric extract, vegetable dihydroxyacetone, vegetable propanediol, vegetable glycerin, field poppy extract, mallow extract

Touch of the sun. 

every day on your skin 

The effect of a beautiful, healthy tan achieved in a natural, safe, and friendly way. A carefully selected composition of natural ingredients makes your skin look sun-kissed in just a few hours, without sunlight exposure.
Light and moisturizing toner is a perfect, natural alternative to creams and lotions that give a tan effect. Perfect for all skin types. 


Vegetan® FL 

This certified ingredient is plant-based DHA (dihydroxyacetone). It is based on wheat, corn, and beetroot. Thanks to the reaction with the stratum corneum, in which brown melanoidins are produced, it gives the skin a delicate and effective tan result. It is completely safe and gentle on the skin, and the tan disappears in the same way as the one coming from the sun. 


and tan 

Get the best out of the sun. In the morning, apply your favorite sunscreen and protect your skin from photoaging. We will take care of its subtle tan in the evening. Have Some Tan will be a great complement to your tested care - you can easily apply your favorite cream or serum. 

Do you like the delicate effect of a gradually built tan? Reach for the light to medium shade.