Nightcall restorative night cream with gradual tan effect

Natural percentage : 97,1%

Are you looking for a multifunctional, embracing and effective night product? Reach for this intensely regenerating cream that will successfully replace most of the products intended for evening care. It moisturizes, soothes, nourishes, illuminates, and gradually gives a little sun to the skin – this is our dream that we poured into this bottle. You can use this night treatment every day in place of your night cream to greet your skin in the morning with a hydrated, relaxed, and subtly tanned skin tone. The rich texture and the scent will lull you to sleep. Hace a peaceful night and a beautiful morning! 

Capacity: 50 ml
Active Ingredients:
hyaluronic acid, squalane, vegetable DHA, sodium polyglutamate, Gladback (Fu ling mushroom fraction)


let nature work. 

Night, very intensive regeneration of your skin. Complementary, technologically advanced plant ingredients take care of your skin while you sleep peacefully. In the morning you will see yourself in the mirror again - the appearance of your skin will improve significantly. You will be greeted by a restored, nourished, and moisturized face. Redness will decrease and irritation will be soothed. A subtly and healthy tanned skin tone will be a pleasant surprise. 


Fu ling mushrooms 

Beauty knows no age. Gladback is an isolated fraction of polysaccharides from Fu Ling mushrooms, which decodes genes associated with skin aging, stimulating them to produce new hyaluronic acid and collagen receptors. It reduces the activity of proteins that increase skin dehydration and disrupt its functioning. The effect is increased skin density, improved microcirculation, and reduced visibility of wrinkles. The skin becomes healthy and radiant. 

See you in the mirror. 


Notice a clear improvement in your looks thanks to the effectiveness of our advanced ingredients. In vivo studies showed that 100% of the subjects noticed the appearance of their skin improving: it has become smooth, taken care of, moisturized, soothed, and soft to the touch. 96% noted that their face looked smoother and rested. 92% saw a reduction in skin redness and 84% saw skin feel tighter. In addition, the non-comedogenic, research-proven formula does not clog pores.