Total Retinal advanced retinal face serum

Natural percentage : 95%

Less visible wrinkles, smooth and soft skin, improved face color, and reduced acne - multiple effects thanks to one serum? It is possible. Try the total renewal of your skin in an advanced and innovative formula that combines stabilized retinal in microcapsules with a concentration of 0.1% with the power of regenerating ceramides and the power of active botanical essence from four types of fungi. Encapsulated retinal facilitates penetration into the deeper layers of the skin and ensures its effectiveness in the long term. 

Capacity: 30 ml
Active Ingredients:
retinal stabilized in microcapsules with a concentration of 0.1%, BiEau® Actif Tri-Mushroom botanical essence, HyaCare® Tremella snow fungus

Total renewal.  

high efficiency 

In a drop of the serum, we have included innovative active ingredients that complement each other and enhance mutual effects. After 28 days of using Total Retinal, the skin is firmer and visibly rejuvenated, and discoloration is significantly reduced, which is confirmed by as many as 95% of respondents. 100% of them notice that the skin is moisturized, smoothed, and regenerated, and its color even. 90% will buy the serum again, and 85% will recommend it to a friend. 


encapsulated retinal 

Retinal at a concentration of 0.1% has anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, and anti-acne properties, and at the same time is gentle to the skin. Enclosed in micro-envelopes, it penetrates more easily into its deeper layers, where it is released in an active form. Thanks to this, retinal is effective in the long run, while not interfering with the other ingredients of the serum. 

There are no coincidences. 

there is innovation 

We have developed a controlled production process that allows retinal to be added to the formulation without affecting its properties. The properly refined Total Retinal formula, being a combination of appropriate active ingredients with antioxidants, protects the retinal against its destabilization. An airless twist-up bottle reduces the risk of serum contact with air.