ABS Shaper specialized Abdomen Shaping Cream

Natural percentage : 77%

Take care of your abdominal skin at the highest level. Tight, firm, smooth abdomen at your fingertips.

The pleasant texture encourages abdominal massage. Sacroslim Re-shape™ inhibits the development of fat cells and accelerates their breakdown, while glycolic acid stimulates your collagen.

Our principle: every part of the body deserves the best care.

At Resibo, we know that regularity provides visible results.

Capacity: 75 ml
Active Ingredients:
Centella asiatica extract , glycolic acid (11%), Sacroslim Re-shape™

Your caring ABS training.

Modeling Sacroslim Re-shapeTM 1.5% - Sarcocapnos crassifolia plant extract inhibits the development of fat cells, accelerates their breakdown and metabolism, and stimulates thermogenesis. Glycolic acid at a concentration of 11% and Centella Asiatica extract regenerate the skin, significantly improving its structure. They help in the fight against stretch marks, reducing their visibility.

Effective and fast-acting. 

In in vivo tests, as many as 71% of the study participants noticed that regular use of the cream made their abdomen look slimmer. Additionally, it was indicated that ABS Shaper makes the abdominal skin smoother (stated by 90% of respondents), firmer and regenerated (according to 86% of people), more elastic (81%), and tighter (76%).

Re.volution in body shaping.

Regular and systematic care will give you the best results. Apply the cream to dry abdominal skin at your favorite time of day, morning or evening. Remember to protect your skin from sunlight while using it.