Waterlight moisturizing conditioner

Natural percentage : 97,5%

Sleek hair is moisturized and soft. The combination of humectants and delicate plant extracts retains moisture and gives it lightness. Sorbitol binds water in the hair structure and smoothes it. Betaine makes it strong and leaves it silky soft. Goji berry extract makes the hair full of shine. 

Capacity: 250 ml
Active Ingredients:
HairGrow Mix, sorbitol, Tripelargonin

Dip your hair in hydrating extracts. 

regain perfect softness and volume 

Hemp oil and grape seed oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, help to retain moisture in the hair and enhance shine. They protect against free radicals, delaying the aging processes of the scalp and hair. Betaine, in turn, leaves it silky soft. 



It is an organic chemical compound found in fruits, such as plums, peaches, apricots, apples, and pears, but also in some algae and mushrooms. It hydrates, binding water, and retaining it in neighboring structures. Used for hair care, it smoothes and makes the hair silky. 

Hair supplement. 

our original HairGrow Mix 

Hair, just like the body, also needs conditioners. And therefore - strengthening, hydrating, improving the condition, and, as a result, its look. This is what HairGrow Mix takes care of - our wonderfully balanced hair supplement that combines the best properties of extracts from amla fruit, goji, Nori algae, and neroli flowers, i.e. bitter orange.