Hair Recharger regenerating conditioner

Natural percentage : 97%

The absolute key point on the way to strong hair. Amino acids and proteins complete the defects in the hair structure. Green peas peptides increase the volume and thicken it. As a result, the hair is regenerated, bouncy and full of shine. The original combination of ingredients such as amla, Nori algae and neroli extracts makes the hair beautiful, strong and vital.

Capacity: 250 ml
Active Ingredients:
HairGrow Mix, amino acids, green pea peptides

Weak hair with no shine?  

charge it with HairGrow Mix

Our original HairGrow Mix is a dose of energy and enhancement for your hair - from the hair follicles to the very ends. This unique combination of four ingredients contains plant extracts of amla fruit, goji berry, neroli, and Nori algae. It improves the hair condition, prevents frizz, makes the hair elastic, stimulates growth, and provides protection against external factors. It also has an antioxidant effect.


amino acid and moisturizing substances

It is a complex of 22 amino acids that correspond to the natural moisturizing factor of the skin (NMF). The substances it contains, including alanine, glycine, threonine, arginin, and proline penetrate the cortex of the hair, rebuilding its keratin structures. Moisturizers bind moisture to keep your hair hydrated and dry. Hair is visibly regenerated, nourished, soft, and shiny.

Something extra.

from the green peas

Proteins obtained from green peas contain as many as 22 amino acids, which provide hair with volume, hydration, antioxidant protection, and reduce the symptoms of aging. They create a non-overloading film on the hair shaft, preventing penetration and water loss from the cortex layer of the hair. They increase the volume of hair and thicken it. They are hydrated, flexible, and silky to the touch.