Bright Now corrective eye cream

Natural percentage : 98,8%

Illuminated skin of eye area and radiant gaze in just a blink of an eye! The cream emphasizes natural glow of your skin and can even replace your concealer or be a base of glowy make-up.

Capacity: 15 ml
Active Ingredients:
plant squalane, Superox C, SKINectura, caffeine

Care and beauty. 

in one

Your perfect corrective eye cream. Contains everything you need for a day care of skin under eyes. A high content of caffeine helps reduce signs of fatigue. Superox C increases natural radiance of your skin. SKINectura smoothes wrinkles. Two hues of finely ground mica adjust to every complexion, contributing to the illuminating effect.


Superox CTM

Kakadu plum extract, which is the world's richest source of vitamin C and polyphenols, is the effective ingredient. It has a strong antioxidant effect, smoothes wrinkles, and prevents the appearance of new ones. And most importantly - it increases the natural skin luminosity.

Illuminating base.

for your make-up

Corrective eye cream works miracles as an illuminating make-up base – so use it every morning. Tones bags under eyes and swelling. It may even replace your concealer. For even more stunning effect, use our Eye Cream (linkujemy do kremu pod oczy) every evening, to intensively moisturise, regenerate and fill up wrinkles.