Self Love 30 ml BB Cream

Natural percentage : 98,6%

As you apply our lotion you will immediately notice its stellar effect. Your skin will still retain its natural beauty and will look decidedly healthier and smoother with an even tone. Imperfections become nearly invisible. BB cream is the perfect choice as an every-day makeup because it can be easily reapplied throughout the day without the worry of it being too heavy for your skin.
Additionally, it contains a mineral SPF 6 sunscreen.

Capacity: 30 ml
Active Ingredients:
turmeric extract, lungwort

Choose your color:


your shade

For fair, even very fair, and porcelain skin. For people who choose medium foundation shades for every day. For swarthy, olive, darker complexions as well as tanned people. Everyone will find their shade - the translucent formula of the product makes it adapt to your skin color without standing out. It provides a completely natural look.


Turmeric extract 

Tumeric is well-known SUPERFOOD appreciated for its fantastic properties. Thanks to high content of polyphenoles it gives anti-inflamatory, antioxidation effect and supports the depigmentation processes. Cosmetics enriched with tumeric extract even outs the skin and have anti-aging properties.

Instantly flawless-looking. 

and fresh skin 

Immediately evens out your skin and its look healthier, more radiant and natural. Build-able coverage, from very light semi-transparent after one layer. Up 3 thin layers with medium coverage effect, especially recommended when you struggle with melasma, acne or rosacea. You can also add more layers during the day to get fuller coverage effect