Mini Shine Club smoothing conditioner

Natural percentage : 97,3%

The queen of shine and smoothness. The rich composition of nutrients makes the hair shiny and moisturized. Sweet almond oil, as well as mango and shea butter, were perfectly matched to protect against dryness, excessive frizz and water loss. As a result, the hair becomes smoother, shinier and more flexible.


Capacity: 100 ml
Active Ingredients:
shea butter, HairGrow Mix, Tripelargonin, mango butter

Shiny happy hair.

restore their smoothness and natural glow

Not only skin can be happy! Shine Club smoothing conditioner contains ingredients thanks to which the hair is nourished, moisturized, smooth, shiny, and bouncy. It is easy to detangle and give the impression of being much healthier. This is due to, among others, our original composition of plant extracts. HairGrow Mix significantly improves the condition of the hair, prevents frizz, makes it more elastic, stimulates its growth, and provides protection against external factors.



An innovative emollient, obtained from milk thistle seeds, provides the hair with a silky finish. It is light, absorbs well, leaves no greasy film, and does not overload the hair. It adds shine, smoothes, and makes detangling easier. And it does it all way better than synthetic silicones!


Perfect for hair

Shea and mango butters are real treasures in the care of hair and scalp. Shea butter provides nutrients, such as phytosterols, polyphenols, and vitamins. It supports regeneration and protects against damage. Mango butter creates a protective film on the hair, smoothes it, and protects it against water loss or damage.