Mini Easy Breezy Wash daily cleansing shampoo daily cleansing shampoo

Natural percentage : 94,6%

Special care for the scalp thanks to the original composition of delicate washing and active substances. Nori algae extract makes the hair flexible and smooth. Panthenol calms the scalp and makes detangling easier. Squalane protects the cuticle, adds shine and moisturizes the scalp. As a result, the hair is thoroughly cleansed, bounced off the roots and well-styled.


Capacity: 100 ml
Active Ingredients:
squalane, HairGrow Mix, Polyglyceryl 3-PCA , panthenol

Every day calm head.  

hydrated and flexible hair 

Easy Breezy Wash daily cleansing shampoo is a concentrated composition of natural ingredients that hydrate and prevent dehydration. Squalane, betainę, and panthenol not only provide the proper hydration level but also regenerate and protect your hair and scalp from unfavorable weather conditions.


Polyglyceryl 3-PCA 

This natural composition strongly hydrates and reduces any transepidermal water loss. At the same time, it creates a non-greasy film on the scalp and hair cuticle that protects against the effects of extreme temperatures, for example during drying and straightening. It takes care of the hair color; when used with colored hair, it helps to keep its look longer. 

How to wash your hair properly?  

First, comb your hair thoroughly

Then soak it generously with lukewarm water. Cold or hot waterjet may weaken the hair roots. Rub a small amount of shampoo in wet hands. Foam it, then massage it into the scalp with smooth, gentle movements. Focus on washing your scalp. Finally, rinse the foam off your scalp and hair thoroughly.