All Clean purifying clay mask

Natural percentage : 97,2%

Cleansing power of pink clay is combined with cosmetic ferments and a wide range of anti-oxidants, moisturising and soothing ingredients, for deep renewal of your skin. Regain your natural balance and discover healthy, flexible and youthful skin.

Capacity: 50 ml
Active Ingredients:
pomegranate extract, soapbark extract

Deep renewal.

of your skin

Pink clay, oats ferment, soapbark extract, centella asiatica and a wide range of other soothing substances make a composition of All Clean to gently cleanse your skin without unwanted irritations. Prevents from blackheads, relieves inflammations and speeds up the epidermis regeneration processes. Deeply moisturizes and makes your skin flexible and nourished.


pomegranate extract

Firstly, tannins and other substances balance sebum production, thus regulating work of sebaceous glands. Secondly, it relieves irritations. Zinc and vitamin E neutralise erythema and speed up healing of inflammations. Thirdly, it enhances skin photo protection, protecting it from aging.

Creamy texture.

for every skin type

The mask is a good choice regardless of age – for teens and for owners of mature skin, struggling with imperfections. Instantly ready to use. No mixing with water. No dampening during application. No crushing or cracking . Just apply on your face, rinse after 20 minutes and that’s all. All Clean.