Mr Balance balancing mist tone

Natural percentage : 98,6%

Refreshing and soothing properties of powerful plant extracts for natural balance of your skin. Three plant waters: verbena plant water, hemp plant water and blackcurrant plant water have anti-inflammatory and relieving functions. Rye bio ferment strengthens and regenerates skin.

Capacity: 100 ml
Active Ingredients:
three plant and flower waters, stevia extract

Fresh up your skin in the morning, in the evening. 

and during the day

A constant element of your morning skincare routine and evening skincare ritual. Spray the toner onto your face, neck and neckline just after cleansing. Mr Balance is an effective toner that relieves irritations.
It’s also fine to spray your face with it during the day to fresh up your skin before make-up correction or a SPF cream reapplication. The toner works great as a scalp rub-in cosmetic or as a base for hair oiling treatment.


three plant waters

A combination of three plant waters for skin refreshment, relief and balance restoring Hemp water hydrates and deeply cleanses skin. Blackcurrant water reduces skin redness and strengthens blood vessel walls. Verbena water narrows pores and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Mr Soft Skin.

hydrating mist toner

A perfect choice for dry, sensitive, normal and combination skin. Effective hydration ensured by betaine and three plant and flower waters: jasmine water, fig water and ylang ylang water. The D-Panthenol has strong relieving effect.