Sweet Spot regenerating lip scrub raspberry & white chocolate

Natural percentage : 97%

The first step to smooth, firm and juicy lips. The scrub exfoliates, regenerates, soothes, hydrates and plumps lips and enhances their colour. Common gromwell extract provides a beautiful red colour, and raspberry and chocolate aroma make the scrub a wonderful aromatherapy. Makes a perfect duo with a lip balm - exfoliated lips need hydration.

Capacity: 9 g
Active Ingredients:
sea fern oil, common gromwell extract

Alluringly juicy.

and regenerated lips

SWEET SPOT regenerating lip scrub smelling with raspberry and white chocolate exfoliates your lips gently but effectively. A composition of natural ingredients makes your lips deliciously firm and regenerated, deeply moisturized and soothed. Sweetness of xylitol makes you want to use it more often and the raspberry and white chocolate aroma is totally relaxing.


sea fern oil

It is an oily extract of a brown algae Dictyopteris membranacea, also called a sea fern, that has proven to nourish and increase lipid volume. Because of adipokine that stimulates production of triacylglycerols (nutrients) in fat cells and perilipin that protects lipids from lipolysis (fat disintegration), the ingredient is widely used in firming cosmetics.

Perfect duo.

with Lip Lip Hooray! lip balm

Exfoliated lips? Great, but remember to apply a lip balm. Our Lip Lip Hooray!, creates a protective layer on your lips, preventing loss of moisture and dryness. We packed the scrub in a glass jar, so it is very convenient to take it with you for a weekend trip. And it is environmentally friendly, too.