City Zen pollution shield cream

Natural percentage : 98,3%

The perfect protective day cream for all skin types. A real bomb of moisturizing and regenerating ingredients with a surprisingly light formula. Perfect especially for big cities residents and office workers. It protects against the so-called urban stress - smog and environmental pollution. The concentrated extract of Buddleia Davidii flowers creates a natural barrier that protects against the harmful effects of solar radiation as well as blue and visible light. Additionally, the cream has an antioxidant effect, which is why it will be a great complement to anti-aging care.

Capacity: 50 ml
Active Ingredients:
extract of Buddleia Davidii flowers, Physalis extract, Biophilic H

The power of nature.

versus the civilization

The active City Zen cream acts as a natural shield to fight the everyday big-city pollution. The cream is a real moisturizing and regenerating bomb. It not only cares for the proper level of skin hydration but also creates an invisible mask protecting from harmful substances. Additionally, it smoothes the skin and protects from aging. 


Buddleia Davidii flower extract

This concentrated extract is a natural protective filter against the harmful effects of UVA, UVB, IR radiation as well as concentrated blue and visible light. It prevents the symptoms of skin photoaging, reduces skin reactivity and protects against collagen and elastin breakdown.

A regular element.

of your morning care

Perfect day cream for all skin types. Excellent especially for big cities residents as well as office employees. Also wonderful as a base for Self Love. BB cream <link to self love> - this combination will give you protection and a beautiful look for the whole day.