Sweet Spot regenerating lip scrub juicy watermelon

Natural percentage : 98%

The first step to smooth, firm, juicy lips. The scrub exfoliates, regenerates, soothes, moisturizes and plumps lips and improves their colour. Common gromwell extract provides a beautiful red colour and the smell of a juicy watermelon nicely invigorates. Makes a perfect duo with a lip balm - exfoliated lips need moisturizing.

Capacity: 9 g
Active Ingredients:
sea fern oil, common gromwell extract

A moment of relax. 

for your lips 

Time to exfoliate, regenerate, moisturize and soothe your lips. They really need it. Especially in autumn and winter. Gentle particles of xylitol together with bigger sugar particles join forces to exfoliate dead epidermis effectively. As a result, your lips are soft, nourished, regenerated… and they smell like a sweet watermelon. Lip exfoliating becomes a real pleasure.  


sea fern oil  

An oily extract of brown algae Dictyopteris membranacea, also called a sea fern, has proven nourishing properties and ability to increase volume of lipids. It contains adipokine, stimulating production of triacylglycerols (nutrients) in fat cells and perilipin - a substance protecting lipids from lipolysis (lipid disintegration), so it is used in firming products.   

Combine it. 

with a lip balm 

Sweet Spot makes a perfect duo with a lip balm. Right after using the exfoliator, apply Lip Lip Hooray! The balm will create a protective layer on your lips to prevent from moisture loss and over drying. This way you can create a great base for lip makeup, especially with a matte lipstick.