Game Changer renewal night cream with retinol renewal night cream with retinol

Natural percentage : 99%

Younger skin and reduced aging signs, but without negative effects, accompanying traditional retinol treatment. Visible renewal of skin – firmer and tighter face, more shallow wrinkles, less visible discolourations. Skin regains its natural glow. Contains 0.5% retinol H10 and bakuchiol.

Capacity: 30 ml
Active Ingredients:
Sytenol® A, rice bran oil, retinol H10

New dimension. 

of retinol treatment

An effective anti-aging cream, with intensive and regenerating effect on your skin. Production of collagen and elastin diminishes with age, and the cream stimulates it. It also regulates sebum production – if the cream is applied regularly, the skin becomes cleaner and fresh. During the treatment, for the day you must use cosmetics with SPF 30 or more. For combination, oily and acne-prone skin, we recommend Team Sunscreen light moisturizing and regulating SPF 30 cream. For dry and combination skin, Team Sunscreen moisturizing cream SPF 30.


retinol H10

Hydrated retinol with reduced irritating properties, for much gentler but equally effective action. The dose in the Cream is high enough to ensure visible effects. But the ingredient itself is so gentle to avoid irritations of these who have never used any retinol-based products before.

A perfect duo. 

with Peace Maker emulsion

Complete the Game Changer cream evening treatment with light moisturizing and soothing emulsion. Peace Maker provides instant soothing and moisturizing effects. We do not recommend Game Changer if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.