Flower Power sebum-control water cream

Natural percentage : 95,6%

Discover real liveliness of your skin – regardless of its age! Feel the flower power – a complex of effective active substances, including hibiscus flower acids to moisturize and regenerate even the most demanding skin. The hydro cream has strong anti-oxidizing effect, instantly balances, smooths skin and relieves irritations. Light formula absorbs instantly to moisturize your skin

Capacity: 50 ml
Active Ingredients:
Centella asiatica extract , Flower Acids®, niacinamide

Super-light formula. 

a great make-up base

Creamy, super-light formula to instantly absorb into your skin, so you can safely use FLOWER POWER as a make-up base. As a result, your skin will be moisturized and smooth, and your make-up cosmetics will be easier to apply. Use the cream every morning onto cleansed and toned face. In case of problematic skin, it can be also used in the evening, for even better results.


hibiscus flower extract

Flower Acids® is a a complex of organic acids obtained from hibiscus flowers. This unique ingredient fights aging effects, but also speeds up regeneration process even in case of badly damaged skin. Ketoacids are gentle, they do not irritate skin or contribute to excessive exfoliation of epidermis. You can safely use FLOWER POWER as a day cream. Remember about daily protection against sunrays - FLOWER POWER makes a great SPF cosmetic base.


and multitasking

Flower Power has a great chance to become your perfect day cream. Deeply moisturizes, regulates sebum production, intensively regenerates and soothes skin. Moreover, it stimulates collagen synthesis and reduces discolourations. Hydro cream works for every skin type. A great choice for mature skin, prone to dehydration, pimples and blackheads. Fantastic for young skin, fighting imperfections and excessive oiling.